Bakhoor Meditation Burner Kit – Charcoal Discs & Drammer Resin & Copper Bowl

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Bakhoor Meditation Burner Kit – Includes Charcoal & Drammer Gum Resin

To burn the dried resin use a small charcoal disc (often sold to use in hookahs). Light the charcoal outside and place in the gorgeous copper cup fire-proof and when it finishes smoking and sparking it should simply glow. Place 1 to 3 small pieces of resin on the charcoal and it will start to burn immediately.

Burning resin is one of our favourite ways to bring positive energy into your space. The high vibration of this sacred resin makes it wonderful for energy clearing and cleansing your space, crystals and jewellery.

Medicinally, it is believed to relieve asthma and alleviate anxiety & depression as well.


Copper Bowl, Charcoal Discs (10) & Resin Pack



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