Aromatherapy Tranquil Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser

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This safe, clean and highly economical appliance provides a low cost, eco friendly way to enjoy your favourite essential oils while enjoying the peaceful ambience of its soft gentle lights.

Ideal for use throughout the home, especially as a soft light in a childs room. The Tranquil Mist Diffuser is also ideal in the office, health care or clinical facility to create an enhancing aromatic atmosphere.

Suitable only for Pure Essential Oils or Essential Oil Blends

Multi LED or Single LED Lighting Mode

Independent Light or Mist Operation

Enrich your life with the wonderful world of aromatherapy…

Disperses only a cool mist vapour

Easy to Clean & Maintain Eco Friendly

Intermittent Mist function 20sec On / 10sec Off up to 7 hours

Multi LED or Single LED Lighting

Mode Independent Light or Mist operation

Continuous Mist function up to 4-5 hours at a time

Diffuser base & cover interlock securely

Automatic shut off, at low water level

One Year Guarantee

Offers Humidifier characteristics

No oily hot water or naked flame

Instruction Manual


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